The Changing Face of Love & How to find Midlife Love

In this stage presentation Jean reviews the three phases of love we go through in our life and how we find Love in the third and perhaps most difficult, which she calls Mature Love. She also talks about the different types of Midlife Men you are likely to encounter and how to manage the early stages of a relationship.

Cristina Donaldson
over 3 years agoMarch 23, 2019
Hi Jean, 

I found the video short, precise and to the point. It was a comfort to  hear that the future can be better for the Midlife Woman if we  are willing to work at it with the tools available like in your Online Course and your Book. The slides in the video were exceptional and extremely appropriate to what you were saying.
Well done Jean! Keep it up.

5 months agoMay 25, 2022
Amazing, especially the open legs part.very funny
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